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Activities, events, and programs designed to keep you active, healthy, and full of life

Grande’Vie, a Legacy Senior Living Community, provides a comprehensive activities program for our assisted living and enhanced assisted living residents. Arts, crafts, music, exercise, sightseeing, outside dining, mystery rides, and cultural events are but a few of our regular ongoing programs.

Memory Care is available in Grande’Vie’s Caring House, which hosts a full-day activity schedule that is rich with a variety of events, experiences, and fulfilling activities carefully designed to meet the unique needs of residents who have Alzheimer’s or a dementia diagnosis, or for those who are less physically able.

All of Grande’Vie’s programs are inspired by the Seven Pillars of Wellness of The Legacy’s Living Very Well program. These seven pillars look comprehensively at physical, social, emotional, vocational, creative, intellectual, and spiritual well-being.

Resident and family volunteers are always welcome to participate in the planning and execution of activities and events.

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